Tree Pruning

Tree trimming can greatly affect the health of a tree and is best done by a professional. When you need residential or commercial pruning, call Commonwealth Tree Care.

tree removal

Removing one diseased tree can mitigate the potential for surrounding trees to succumb to the same affliction as well as prevent potential damage to one's home.

Commonwealth Tree Care in Richmond, Va. provides comprehensive tree care services including tree removal services, stump grinding services, and general maintenance. As trees grow with age, they present a myriad of considerations for any homeowner. Homeowners must be cognizant of the potential implications that a mid-Atlantic storm can have on their residence.  Hardwood trees such as Oaks and Maples can take decades to reach maturity and add value to your property. General maintenance is critical to preserving the structural integrity of these trees, and our knowledgeable staff can ensure the long-term longevity of these prized assets. Commonwealth Tree Care tree removal services are unrivaled.


After a tree has been removed, you are left with the stump. The unsightly stump vanishes and the wood chips are used to fill the void.

more services

We provide tree services to the entire greater Richmond, Va area at affordable rates, so please consider us before overpaying others!